How it works

VIVI cooling products are based on a combination of unique insulation material, heat absorbing chemical together with monitoring and control electronics. The insulation is used in spacecraft, avionics, cryotherapy and other high performance demanding thermal insulation applications. The heat absorbing chemical named Phase Change Material is commonly used in “green construction”. The proprietary technology used with VIVI products combines the three to tailor a user friendly compact solution.

When either of VIVICAP1, VIVICAP1-R, VIVI EPI, & VIVI VIAL is exposed to ambient temperatures above 29°C slow transition of the PCM material from solid to liquid commences. This transition, due to the insulation, takes very long time to complete. During all this time the temperature inside the products which is in equilibrium with the drug chamber of the pens or vials, is fixed to 28°C. The user can monitor the temperature using the push bottom of the electronics which provide intuitive indication on the temperature of the drug.

Whenever the ambient temperature falls below 28°C the PCM starts to return to solid state again allowing it to regain its heat absorbing property. It is enough for the products to remain overnight under such ambient conditions to reach that, without any action from the user.